Best Home Remedies for Sore Throats

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Don’t you just hate the dry, sore feeling of a sore throat? Every time there’s a change in season, there is that looming sense of fear of an irritating, persisting cough to add to the woes.

Sore throats can happen anytime, but they often happen more in the cold times of the year, especially in winter and early spring. This is when respiratory issues, like colds and the flu, are most common.

Strep throat, a sickness from bacteria that can make your throat sore, is also usually found in winter and early spring. Sore throats from allergies can happen only at specific times, like fall or spring.

Here we list the top home remedies that you can try for mild soreness, especially if it’s a viral infection where antibiotics are not prescribed.

1. Salt water is effective for sore throats. It decreases swelling and loosens mucus, while flushing out bacteria for relief. Combine salt with warm water and gargle for half a minute.

2. Allicin in garlic kills the bacteria that cause sore throats, so chew on a fresh clove of garlic.

3. Cloves, a traditional Chinese remedy, ease mouth and throat pain. They contain eugenol, a natural painkiller. Chew on a whole clove.

4. Honey helps with infections and accelerates healing for sore throats. You can either put it in your tea or consume it on its own.

5. Sage provides substantial relief for sore throats and is even used in medicinal throat aids. Use it as a spray, add to tea, or mix with warm liquids.

6. Echinacea boosts the immune system and eases sore throat symptoms. It’s available as a tablet in pharmacies.

7. A humidifier moistens the air to soothe swollen noses or throats. In the absence of a humidifier, take a long steamy shower and breathe deeply.

8. Frozen treats not only taste great, they numb and soothe sore throats. Any frozen treat will work.

9. An old remedy, whiskey numbs and soothes the throat and aids sleep. Best used before bed. Combine with honey, and warm it slightly.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar’s high acidity kills bacteria, accelerating sore throat recovery. Mix with honey and warm water before intake.

11. Licorice root is an old remedy that eases sore throat discomfort. Add it to tea or mix it with warm water for gargling.

12. Home remedy users trust Cayenne for sore throat relief. Its capsaicin temporarily alleviates pain. Mix warm water, cayenne, and a bit of honey.

13. Native Americans have long used Slippery Elm to relieve coughs and sore throats. Mix with water to form a soothing throat-coating gel.

14. A natural remedy, chamomile tea kills bacteria, alleviates pain, and aids sleep. Drink before bedtime.

15. Ginger’s properties reduce sore throat pain. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and fights bacteria. Mix ginger, honey, and hot water for a soothing drink.

16. Green tea fights infections and kills bacteria, soothing sore throats. Gargle with warm green tea.

17. This chlorophyll-rich wheatgrass juice halts bacterial growth and soothes sore throats. Rinse with it and spit.

18. Lemon’s astringent juice reduces swollen throat tissue and kills bacteria. Combine lemon with warm water and drink.

Even though these remedies are of great assistance, there are times when they are not sufficient to alleviate the pain of a sore throat. That means you can’t help but take some OTC drugs from a local pharmacy.

Over-The-Counter Help

Over-the-counter drugs like Advil and Aleve reduce swelling and provide relief. Lozenges soothe the throat and increase saliva to counter throat irritation.

But what happens when it’s been more than 2 weeks, but the home remedies and OTC medicines don’t help, either? Unfortunately, that means your sore throat is more menace than it seemed, and you’ll need a doctor straight away.

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